Ball Ball Break and some Basketball Wives

Yep, that baby has the right idea.

For those who kinda know this blog already, there should've been a Bets-Log and a Ball Ballin' Preview post here by now. Sorry to say though, I'll be taking the weekend off. Though contrary to popular deduction from the misleading photo, I won't be resting on this break. I just have a lot of activities to attend to. So while I'm away, I'll leave you guys a little "treat" to view on this break.

Enjoy the weekend ballers!

Lala Vasquez aka Mrs. Melo (soon to be Mrs. Brooklyn)

Kim Kardashian aka well, they're not married yet, but she's dating Kris Humphries.

Maria Sharapova aka (soon to be) Mrs. Machine. Wow. These are all Brooklyn bound ladies so far.

Adriana Lima aka Mrs. Jaric, if ever you still remember that dude

Vanessa Bryant aka Mrs. Mamba

and of course,

Eva Longoria aka formerly Mrs. Parker